The Technology

TOUCH2ACCESS is a patented, secure and convenient technology that enables an authorised touch access operation. Instead of physically presenting a tag to a reader, the user with an authorised tag in their pocket or around the body, simply touches the reader for access if authorised to do so. Tags can be programmed at the door to remove lost or stolen tags or with a programmer to authorise who or when can access.

How it works

The user carries a touch tag or a chipped mechanical key in the pocket or around the body. When the user touches the reader or lock, a touch signal travels over the body and back to the touch tag. The touch tag wakes and determines access rights which are then sent back down over the body to the reader for authorisation to access.


• Battery operated motorised Euro cylinder in all sizes.
• Battery operated, retrofit US Deadbolt and Knob sets.
• 12v Reader
• Padlocks.
• Safes.


• Very convenient for use as you do not have to physically present or offer a tag to a reader for access to a building like using a swipe or smart card. You simply touch an access reader with the tag remaining in the pocket for instant access. It particularly solves the problem for old and disabled persons with difficulty using keys or those with busy hands presenting fobs in the home or work place for secure access or operation of electronic equipment.

- Touch is more secure than proximity access. The field signals do not travel through the air like RFID where they can be grabbed and cloned. Furthermore, a rolling code is generated and even if a signal is grabbed, it will be obsolete as a different code is always generated for the next operation.


• Hands free door lock opening for senior citizens, people with disabilities, moms with busy hands and young people too.
• Uses proprietary key tags.
• Smartphone app and IOT Smart Home integrator for use with remote opening for visitors, Airbnb users, tradesmen and home deliveries
• Anti-tamper alarm on dead bolts and knob sets optional
• Mechanical key override and or integrates with existing master key systems
• Wireless pin code keypad accessories available for the door locks

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